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Information about Baby Clothing

Order baby clothes and newborn clothes online

At Little Indians we have the hippest children's clothing, from leather baby shoes to velvet children's clothing, but an animal print is also a favorite. Leopard children's clothing in particular is very hip at the moment.

Shopping for baby clothes is one of the things most women really look forward to from the moment they become pregnant. However, it can be quite a challenge as you do not know in advance how big the baby will be during birth. In addition, the gender may still be unknown, so you will soon start shopping for unisex baby clothes.

After the newborn phase, you can still go to the baby clothing department for two years. The safe basic items are slowly exchanged for more typical baby clothes and you already become a real person who can create your own style. On your terms, that is still possible at this age(s).

Baby clothes and newborn clothes in all sizes.

In general, the collections of unisex baby clothes start at size 50, although some brands have special newborn clothes that start from size 44 for premature babies. These cute baby clothes are specially made for premature babies or babies who were born too early. Most baby sizes go up to size 92. Many children's clothing brands start from that size, so then you have really entered a new phase.

Please note that not all lines of the different baby clothing brands run from size 50 to 92. A certain collection is regularly available, for example sizes 50 to 74. To ensure that you are well prepared, it is wise to have enough rompers at home. A romper or baby suit is one of the most important items in your little one's wardrobe. It prevents a bare belly or back and thus keeps your baby nice and warm. In addition, they keep your newborn child's diaper in place, which is useful during changing.

To make dressing and undressing a lot easier, most baby clothes have press studs at the top of the newborn clothes. You open this so that you can easily get the outer clothing over your head, and close it so that the clothing stays in place.

Cool baby clothes for boys

Are you going for cool and basic or hip and trendy? For boys, the choice in children's clothing is somewhat smaller, but certainly no less fun. Match the nicest outfits together yourself or opt for a matching set. And more importantly: the clothes are soft, beautiful and comfortable. As soon as your little boy has outgrown the baby sizes, a very nice collection from size 92 is waiting for him. You will find the most beautiful, cool baby clothes based on the latest fashion. Every season beautiful items arrive in our webshop. Often in different colors, prints and artworks. Are you going out for a day with the little one? Then it is practical to choose several layers of baby clothes, such as a romper or baby suit, T-shirt , shirt, cardigan and jacket. This way you are prepared for any temperature.

Trendy baby clothes for girls

Girls often know very early what they want and what they don't want when it comes to clothing. Some people prefer to wear a flowy dress all day long, while others prefer that comfortable sporty look. At Little Indians you will find plenty of nice, trendy baby clothes in different styles, made of beautiful fabrics and in different price ranges. So there is something for everyone! Whether you are looking for the latest fashion must-haves from the new collections or have your eye on one of the trendy sale items. So don't hesitate and visit our website for the best children's clothing.

Order the nicest baby clothes at Little Indians

Whichever baby clothes you choose, you can be sure that you will receive your order quickly. If you want more certainty about how certain baby clothes fit before ordering, you can always email us. We are happy to measure an item for you.

We have listed the best collections for both boys' baby clothes and girls' baby clothes ! And if you are looking for all affordable baby clothes at high discounts, it is best to view our baby clothes sale page .

little indians children's clothing, velvet children's clothing and baby shoe leather

Little Indians children's clothing stands for sustainability. We also keep a close eye on the latest trends. We currently have a lot of velvet children's clothing, but also take a look at our leather baby shoes or leopard prints for children. Leopard children's clothing is also a trend that you should definitely keep an eye on!