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Brandstory Little Indians

Founded in Little indians was born to create a world for the little ones that fits the lifestyle of the modern Mom.

Now the brand has taken a big step from a collection with only 8 pairs of leggings and 8 pairs of shoes. Little indians now offers a whole range of new born bedding, toys, bags, books, dinnerware and accessories. In wide range of clothing and lifestyle articles.

We still want to create a world for the little ones that fits the modern day family. That's why we are collaborating with other designers and brands. Especially the ones we also adore! Little indians is not just a brand, it is a reflection of the customers and the people behind the brand.

So come by and visit us to fit something for your little one, but also if you are looking for a special gift for yourself or you friends. We offer a wide range of curated brands that make the hearts of the Little Indians team beat, hopefully yours to.