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Little indians x Antoine Peters broek confetti

Little Indians

Kidswear brand Little Indians is celebrating it’s 5th birthday by bringing the party to the clothes by means of a collaboration with designer and artist Antoine Peters. He translated confetti and serpentine into all over prints and details while the construction and silhouettes of the garments are based upon a ‘dressing up party’, a research of too big clothes worn by his son. This jubilee collection is created out of upcycled left over fabrics of 5 years Little Indians.

Antoine: “This collection is not about looking back but about rejoicing everything the future will bring for Little Indians, but especially all our little muses because THEY are the future. These clothes are fun to wear, but are a shout-out to all grownups also; that we should not mess it up for future generations.”

Besides activistic shirts and sweaters containing ‘The Future’ prints and embroideries the ‘dot’ – the symbol of creation a new beginning and protection – is a returning element throughout the whole collection. The collection is executed out of sustainable materials and is produced by methods that are both fair to people and environmentally friendly.

Antoine continues: “But especially it’s our aim to design beautiful clothes which will not be thrown
away, but passed on when grown out of… On to the next party!”